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OEM vs Aftermarket Parts—Which are Best for My Car?

Trust Genuine Honda OEM Parts

When you bring your car to an independent repair shop, it’s best to do your research first. You have to find out whether their technicians are Certified experts, figure out what kind of auto parts they use—Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts—and what guarantees they have in place on their work.

When you make an appointment for your Honda or other vehicle at the Spitzer Honda DuBois Service Center, you know exactly what you’re getting. Our Service Center is fully Certified and staffed with technicians who are trained and qualified in all areas of auto diagnostics, repair, and maintenance.

For whatever service your car, truck, or SUV needs, we also use only genuine OEM Honda replacement parts. That way you can rest assured that your vehicle is repaired well and will run exactly how the vehicle manufacturer intended.

The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Car parts come in two varieties—OEM parts produced by your car’s maker, and aftermarket parts that are made by a source other than the car’s original manufacturer. A large percentage of independent auto shops use aftermarket parts. Most high-quality dealerships, like Spitzer Honda DuBois, use only genuine OEM parts.

Aftermarket parts come with pros and cons. They are often used because they can be less expensive than their OEM counterparts. While saving money is good, if the parts your mechanic is using aren’t high quality, then chances are the repair will have to be done again sooner rather than later.

The quality of aftermarket parts can vary greatly depending on where they are made. There are hundreds of manufacturers that make aftermarket parts, some are good and some are not so good. As a consumer, you have to find out whether the parts your shop uses are the good ones or the bad ones.

The Pros of Using Genuine OEM Parts

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are made by your vehicle’s manufacturer specifically for your vehicle. That means they will match the part they’re replacing exactly—just like when it rolled off the assembly line.

When you bring your car or truck to Spitzer Honda DuBois, you don’t have to question whether you’re getting quality auto parts or not. We use only genuine Honda OEM parts that fit your car, truck, or SUV like they were meant to.

Another great perk of going with a Service Center that uses OEM parts is that most automobile manufacturers back their OEM parts with one-year warranties. And, if you have your vehicle repaired at the dealership, your labor is generally guaranteed as well.

When to Use Only OEM Parts

Bringing your vehicle to the dealership for car repairs, service, and maintenance work is usually thebest idea. This guarantees that your mechanic will be Certified, that your vehicle will be repaired with OEM parts, and that your car’s warranties won’t be voided.

It’s especially important to make sure your service provider is using genuine OEM parts when it comes to collision repairs. Independent body shops may use aftermarket parts for this, which will never fit as well as the original manufacturer parts when it comes to body panels.

Genuine Honda Original Equipment Manufacturer parts will fit your vehicle, model, and trim perfectly, because that’s what they were designed to do. Aftermarket parts are designed to fit a number of similar vehicles, which means they won’t be an exact fit for any of them.

Plus, genuine OEM Honda parts will be made to the exact same safety specifications as the original parts, with crumple zones and other safety precautions in place.

Genuine Spitzer Quality Care

For the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to repairing and maintaining your Honda vehicle, come to Spitzer Honda DuBois. We guarantee our Certified Auto Service, our genuine OEM parts, and our welcoming customer service.

It’s easy to schedule an appointment with us online or with a quick phone call. And, you can be sure to save when you check for our Service Specials and offers and incentives on OEM parts. Stop by today and see our quality facilities and service for yourself.

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